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“…There was never any question I’d call on them for my second series. Not only did they offer great service, and expert guidance before the release, but J.J. Hebert and his team were there after publication, helping me with critical details like timing the release for maximum impact, sharing tips on building a fan base, and giving advice on gaining exposure for my books. With MindStir, I got more than a publisher. I got a partner.” –Paula Wiseman, bestselling author

Paula Wiseman, author at top Christian book publishers MindStir Media, was recently on TV…

Our very own Paula Wiseman appeared on Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act. She discussed her books, including her #1 Amazon bestselling novel, Contingency. Paula has published a total of seven books with MindStir Media and is currently working on her eighth. She relies on Christian publisher MindStir Media to handle her book design, editing, formatting, printing, distribution and more.

MindStir Christian Book Publishers Offers Unique Mentoring/Coaching

The last thing you want to do is dive into publishing your Christian book without any knowledge of how Christian book publishing and marketing work. Our mentoring program — included in all our Christian book publishing options — ensures that you’re educated throughout your Christian publishing journey! When you sign up with MindStir Media LLC, you’ll have access to your marketing mentor/coach, bestselling Christian author J.J. Hebert. He’ll collaborate with you on book marketing. This is an invaluable service that will save you countless hours and potentially thousands of dollars. In addition to the mentoring that J.J. Hebert will provide, you’ll also receive one-on-one guidance from a project manager assigned to you and your book. Your project manager will get to know your project and will be the liaison between you and your designer and editor.

How are we different from traditional Christian book publishing companies?

  • We’re easily accessible. Many large traditional Christian book publishers will not communicate with you directly and they do not accept unsolicited material. In other words, they won’t even look at your manuscript if it isn’t presented to them via a literary agent. Unlike those Christian publishers, we can be reached via phone (1-800-767-0531) and we’re willing to answer your questions.  You don’t need a literary agent to submit your manuscript to us!
  • Get published in about 90 days. Those other Christian publishers will make you wait around 2 years to see your book in print. MindStir Media, on the other hand, will help you self-publish your Christian book within approximately 90 days.
  • Higher royalties, i.e. you get paid more per copy sold. Generally, traditional Christian publishers give their authors around 10-15% royalties. We give our authors 50% to 100%.
  • You’re in control when you self-publish. Traditional Christian book publishing companies do not usually allow their authors to have control over the book’s cover and interior page design. We, however, let you have full control! It’s your book, so we believe you should have the final say. We also don’t take any of your publishing rights. You retain ALL rights to your work!

For all the reasons noted above, many Christian authors consider us one of the best Christian book publishers in the USA.

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