Aaron Maxwell: Free Spacer by David Whitley


Free Spacer, a light-hearted romp, centers on ‘spacer’ Aaron Maxwell as he explores his end of the galaxy with his ship the Achilles Bane and the less than accommodating AI, Genie. Along the way he meets the blue feathered Zemmings, a polite epicurean species for whom food means much more than mere sustenance but whose tastes definitely leave something to be desired. He renews his friendship with an old Jarmooth platoon mate only to find himself unexpectedly an accomplice to bride stealing and ship theft. He also discovers the small cyclopean race of Hellions whose tragic plight inspires the good-hearted spacer to make every effort to free them. Then there are the brutal and acquisitive, if oh so pious Gar, who seem to always turn up to complicate Aaron’s life. But ultimately while attempting to rescue the marooned survivors of a Zeno-archaeological expedition, he finds that there may be things in the universe more dangerous to his way of life than the Gar!

Science Fiction | ISBN: 978-0-9853650-0-4 | 282 pages | Click here to return to bookstore

Author’s official website: www.davidwhitleyauthor.com