Review from author Rosebud Turner (her second book published with MindStir Media)

rosebud cover bk2Here is the author’s review regarding MindStir Media as a whole: “My experiences with MINDSTIR MEDIA has been in a word – Superb!!!I have had several people ask me after seeing the professional result of my first book, Through Talen’s Eyes: A Visit to Grandma’s House, what publishing company I used. I gladly told them about MINDSTIR MEDIA. I wanted a company that had the same definition of “excellence” as I did, and MINDSTIR did not disappoint. The owner J. J. Hebert’s standards are evident from start to finish of each project as obvious from the caliber of people he hires and trains, to the personal interest he takes with the authors … That is why when I was ready to begin the publishing process for my second book, Through Talen’s Eyes: “Grandma, What Is Prayer?“I immediately contacted MINDSTIR MEDIA again … I can only describe my second book as beyond perfection!”

Rosebud’s experience with Kathy Lee, a MindStir Media assigned children’s book illustrator: “Working with Kathy as my illustrator for my second book, Through Talen’s Eyes: “Grandma, What Is Prayer?” proved to be a stress-free, gratifying, and rewarding experience. Although she was not the illustrator I had for my first children’s book, Kathy promised that she would work hard to make my second book seamless and “just as good if not better than the first.” As we went through the rounds of proofs, it was evident that Kathy had both the internal heart as well as the external talent to be true to her word. Once I received my author’s copy and shared it with a couple of trusted friends, I was so filled with pride as I heard the expressions of “Oh my gosh,” and “Wow’s” as they looked at the book. The vibrant and beautiful illustrations make readers want to be in the scenes with the characters said one child as she looked at the pages of the book. I did not think I could be more pleased than I was with my first book, but Kathy surpassed my expectations!”