75 Book Marketing Tips for Authors


book marketing tips for authors

By J.J. Hebert, bestselling author & MindStir Media president


1. Create a Facebook business page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create

2. Build a fan base by asking your friends to “like” and share your page. You can also run some ads on Facebook in order to build a following.

3. Post consistently, meaning create a schedule and try to stick with it. There are many different thoughts on when you should post to your page. Use Facebook page insights to determine which days and times are most effective for your posts.

4. Add value to the lives of your fans with your content. Don’t just send out “buy my book” posts. For instance, inspirational pictures or quotes usually do exceptionally well on Facebook and keep people coming back to your page. UPDATE: Check out our value-packed article “Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips for Authors and Entrepreneurs.

5. Setup a Twitter acct: http://www.twitter.com. Also read the FREE “Getting started with Twitter” guide: https://support.twitter.com/articles/215585# .

6. Post your Twitter profile link on Facebook and ask your fans to follow you on Twitter.

7. Also read this fantastic Twitter tips guide by the amazing Derek Halpern.

8. As with Facebook, try to add value to your followers. Offer something unique.

9. Sign up for a Google+ acct: http://plus.google.com

10. Read the “Get Started” guide from Google.

11. Google+ positively affects your author website’s SEO, so +1 your site.

12. 29 Essential Tips

13. Join Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/join/register/email/

14. Search for topics in Pinterest that relate to your book. Follow some users and some will follow you back. And here’s 10 other tips to get more Pinterest followers.

15. Setup a bunch of “boards.” Have fun and pin items that interest you. Have fun.

16. One of those boards should be “Books Worth Reading.” Add your book along with others that you enjoy.

17. Start a blog. ProBlogger is the resource for bloggers.

18. WordPress: The most popular blogging platform allows you to have the most control over your content. You can setup a WordPress blog quickly and easily through Bluehost. We’ll even help you setup your blog via our step-by-step guide!

19. Blogger: This is owned by Google, so some experts feel that Google gives Blogger blogs some SEO benefits. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, honestly, but it is a perfectly acceptable platform for blogging.

20. Tumblr: A very user-friendly blogging website. Probably not my first choice as a blogging platform but certainly useful.

21. Get book reviews

22. Write and submit press releases. Pay ATTN to these best practices.

23. Distribute your press release through PRLog (free).

24. Distribute through PR.com (free).

25. There are many other free press release distribution services.

26. Become an award-winning author by entering competitions. Here’s a list of competitions:

27. Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards.

28. National Indie Excellence Book Awards.

29. Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

30. Readers Favorite Contest.

31. The IBPA Ben Franklin Awards.

32. Contact book bloggers and ask for an interview or a guest post. Lists below.

33. Book Blogger Directory.

34. Book Blogger List.

35. Top 50 Book Blogs.

36. Develop an author website.

37. Perform onsite and offsite SEO.

38. Create an about page with a quality author photo and bio.

39. Add social media sharing buttons on your site.

40. Add a media kit to your site. More about media kits later…

41. Use pay-per-click (PPC) to drive traffic to your book sales page and/or author site.

42. Google Adwords (Display Network)

43. BingAds

44. Facebook Ads

45. Twitter Ads

46. Amazon Ads

47. Update your email signature by adding a link to your website and books.

48. Start an email newsletter/mailing list and use one of the following to send emails.

49. Mailchimp (free)

50. Aweber (has great auto-responders and customer service)

51. Constant Contact

52. Run book giveaway events.

53. Offer your Kindle book for free.

54. Launch a Goodreads-hosted giveaway.

55. LibraryThing is another platform for giveways.

56. Take advantage of Author Central, a free program offered by Amazon.com.

57. Host a Q&A using Google Hangouts.

58. Leverage your friends and family… Ask them to help you spread the word.

59. Arrange book signings and provide great customer service.

60. Join message boards. Don’t spam the boards. Be helpful and get your name out there.

61. Setup a virtual blog tour. This is like #32 but you need to take it to another level and actually land “appearances” on several book blogs during a schedule that you create.

62. Design/print business cards to give out. Include your name, email, website address, and book ordering info.

63. Create flyers to give out at book signings and in-person events.

64. Create posters for your book signings. Don’t rely on the venue to do this for you.

65. Bookmarks: Another great marketing tool! Include one in each book you sell in person.

66. Create a book trailer: Writer’s Digest does a nice job explaining how to create a trailer.

67. Donate books to nursing homes, libraries, etc.

68. Become an expert and get free publicity by using HARO (Help A Reporter Out).

69. Create a media kit. Media kits include 8 essential items.

70. Offer a podiobook version of your book (podcast audiobook) or start a podcast.

71. Run special time sensitive sales (create urgency) and promote via social media.

72. Setup consignment deals with your local indie bookstores.

73. Create merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads.

74. Write reviews for other books to get your name out there.

75. Speak at your local library. An idea: Offer advice on publishing as a published author.


Before you implement the aforementioned book marketing tips, you must focus on creating a high-quality book above all else. Your book needs to have an eye-catching cover design; professional editing; proper formatting; and your product description must “hook” the reader. Your book’s price also needs to be competitive. Don’t overprice your book out of the market just because you want to try to make a few extra dollars on each copy sold. We can help you self-publish a high-quality book!