A Sailor’s Cruise to a Hard Farewell by Stephen Jordan


This story is about a young boy born in the late fifties that grew up through the sixties and early seventies. He had planned to join the service and work on jet aircraft with the hope of flying. He had some medical problems to overcome and adversity to his choice of a life. He made and lost many friends along the way of his life’s quest. Then one day he reaches his goal and he meets a southern lady.

Their love became strong for the both of them with fun from the beach to snow skiing in the mountains. His life follows a path of happiness and sadness with many obstacles to overcome. Once he reaches what seems to be the top with smooth sailing, life deals him a bad hand. He must make choices and there are events that will force him on a path
that he does not want to travel. The path of his life ends up in a direction that he did not want to follow but had no choice but to cruise to the outcome.

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