Bitter Sweet Revenge by Maureen O’Shea


Carly Mitchell arrived home finding her parents brutally murdered. Evidence found at the scene gives lead detective Robert O’Brien reason to believe she is next. Despite the warnings given to Carly and her determination not to follow the rules, she was attacked and left for dead. Detective O’Brien intervenes and moves her to a secure location where she will be guarded twenty-four-seven by semiretired Navy SEAL Kyle O’Brien, Roberts’ brother. While under his protection a hot and heavy romance develops. When the two left the security of Kyle’s estate for the reading of her father’s will Carly was kidnapped and taken to Mexico. Who kidnapped her? Was it her father’s trusting friend and business partner or someone else? Can Kyle and his Navy SEAL team rescue the woman he loves and bring her captives to justice?

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ISBN: 978-0-9883162-3-2 | 210 pages  Click here to return to bookstore