Pamela Appleman, self-publishing and children’s book illustration review

pam appleman mindstir media reviewPamela Appleman contacted us in late 2013. She had written her manuscript for Copper Becomes a Farm Dog, but she needed professional illustrations and help with self-publishing. We built an expert team around her, including a project manager, children’s book illustrator, book designer and mentor. Her book was successfully published and we are continuing to help her with marketing. Below is her review.

“Working with J.J. Hebert and the MindStir Media staff has been an absolute pleasure. This was my first encounter with publishing and I am so glad that I chose them to work with. They made the entire process so easy for me and did exactly what I wanted. Every aspect of the process was fine tuned to my liking and the price was affordable for even my tight budget. I highly recommend their service!” –Pamela J. Appleman, author of Copper Becomes a Farm Dog


Mimi Jenkins, Christian self publishing review

Mimi Jenkins wanted to use our Christian self publishing service to publish an ebook. Not only did we handle the ebook formatting, but we also took care of the book cover design for her ebook. Mimi took to Twitter to praise MindStir Media for the design work and quick turnaround:

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Marian Powell, self publishing book design and editing service review

Marian Powell, author of The Royal Rose of Alabama, was so impressed with our self publishing service — particularly our book design and editing services — that she decided to praise us publicly on Facebook:

Joan Johnson, self publishing review

Joan Johnson’s The Healing Art of Sports Massage had been previously published. She wanted to use self publishing to produce a revised edition for 2013. She did just that with MindStir and gave us a kind “shout out” on Facebook:

Tracy Lockwood, children’s book publisher review

lucy halloween miracleTracy Lockwood came to MindStir Media with her daughter’s children’s book, Lucy and the Halloween Miracle. The book had already been illustrated, so Tracy and her daughter needed a children’s book publisher that could handle the printing and distribution. Here’s a review from Tracy after she and her daughter received the first copy we printed for them:

“yes it arrived just as i was leaving my house today, we love it, my daughter approves it.. looks great. thank you all so much.”

John Rudy review

MindStir Media Review – Sheila Bittick

MindStir children's book author Sheila BittickHere at MindStir Media, our goal for children’s book authors is to make childrens book publishing easy and affordable. The first thing we do is build a team around the children’s book author. In Sheila Bittick’s case, we assigned Miranda as her author representative (i.e. project manager). Justin was assigned as Sheila’s illustrator and book designer. J.J. Hebert, owner of children’s book publishers MindStir Media, offered Sheila guidance as her mentor. This ongoing mentorship includes help with book marketing. Here is Sheila’s review for MindStir Media:

“Thank you, Mindstir Media, for taking such excellent care of me. J.J. was always there when I needed him! Wow, Justin, your illustrations were awesome! You brought Jeremy’s Great Escape to life for me. Thank you, Miranda, for taking the time to promptly return my Emails and answering all my questions no matter how small they were. I am so proud to be involved with such a great organization. I look forward to working with you in the future!”

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Paula Wiseman – MindStir Media Reviews (Video, January 20, 2014)

“No matter where you are in your creative process, MindStir Media’s ready to partner with you to meet your publishing goals. Here’s what you get when you partner with MindStir Media: First of all, you get quality. Your editing will be thorough, your interior design will enhance the readability of your text, and your cover will be attractively designed and will capture the essence of your story in a way that will persuade potential readers to give it a second look. Second of all, you get value. MindStir offers a wide variety of publishing packages and will work with you to ensure you get all the services you need and none that you don’t — all at a price that puts full-service publishing well within reach. Finally, you get control. From start to finish, you call all the shots and you retain all the rights to your work. When you couple that quality, value and artistic control with the experience MindStir has gained in this ever-changing landscape — and solid advice on building your audience — you can’t go wrong. I’m a writer and by partnering with MindStir Media, I can entrust my book’s production to their professionals with confidence and get back to delivering the best story I can. And I’m sure they can help you too. Give them a call. Your book is waiting.”

The above text was transcribed from Paula Wiseman’s video review below. Paula — a bestselling, award-winning author — had provided a positive review after she published her first three books with us, but this video focuses on her experience after publishing six books. This is essentially an updated review for MindStir Media book publishers, this time in a video format…

Paula Wiseman’s books:

Cheré Harris – MindStir Media Reviews

chere harris author photo“From the time I was a young girl I have always enjoyed writing short stories and poems but I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would have a book published one day.  I am so glad I came across MindStir Media book publishing because they helped make my writing dream become a reality.  From the beginning they worked with me making sure I understood the process and took me step by step as they turned my writings into a beautiful paperback book.  I was assigned Ali, who was excellent with taking care of my every concern with prompt responses making sure I was completely satisfied with the results.  Mr. Hebert was also extremely helpful with taking the time to personally mentor me on the best avenues to take for marketing my book to get the best results.  I highly recommend every author who desires to have their book published to work with the professional staff at MindStir Media because I was completely satisfied with the process and I look forward to working with them on future projects.” –Cheré Harris, author of Waiting on God’s Promises

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Selma Curtis – MindStir Media Reviews

“J.J., without you I could not have accomplished that. You made it so easy for me. You were so available all the time. Even when I went to Europe we [sent] text message[s] to each other… You are [a] great publisher… MindStir Media, it is the publishing company who is willing to do everything for you … J.J., I hope to work with you [for] many, many years…” –Selma Curtis, author of Sergeant Major’s Daughter