Conversations with Paul (a Novel) by Marie Josee Queneau

conversations with paulPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

Meet Professor Elizabeth M. Carpenter: educated, confident, stoic, no nonsense — except, that is, for her tried and true Ben and Jerry’s therapy for all that ails. A woman given to science, logic, and pragmatism, Beth is convinced that what God can’t answer, science can. Experience the eminent Apostle of the Scriptures in a slightly different light: human, approachable, endearing, and frustratingly persuasive in his testimony of Jesus Christ. These two, so different in appearances, have more in common than one would suspect. When God allows the Apostle Paul to transcend time and sends him to Beth on a special mission, Beth’s comfortable world changes and her assumptions concerning life are challenged. Journey with Beth as she travels her own “Damascus Road” and see how Paul, ever faithful to his Lord in life and word, brings revelation of God’s endless teaching and love. Discover, with Beth, how thinking on the things of God produces joy, a playful attitude of heart, and sacrificial love for others — along with answers that are much more than she bargained for.

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