Easy Steps Learning Series: Easy Steps to Excel 2010 by Paula Smith


Revolutionize your data and shine your light at work or with clients. Discover, visualize and share your data like never before. Easy Steps to Excel 2010 gives you step by step simplistic approach to learning. Easily reformat or rearrange your data to gain accurate and intuitive understanding. Learn how to format cells and cell content, work with formulas, build tables and charts, perform complex analyses quickly, discover and compare different ways to represent your data visually, share workbooks through collaboration and save and send in various file formats. Make it personal and use Excel 2010 to help you with home budgets, to-do lists, finances, retirement savings, college fund savings for kids and utilization of other power packed built-in templates. Take control of your destiny and propel your excel skills to the next level. This book is packed with lots of screenshots and tips to meet you at the level of your experience. You can learn unlimited possibilities with Easy Steps to Excel 2010.


ISBN: 978-0989716895 | 290 pages | Click here to return to bookstore