Easy Steps Learning Series: Easy Steps to Word 2010 by Paula L. Smith


Take your document from ordinary to extraordinary electronic matter of information. Learn how to create amazing professional quality documents. Easy Steps to Word 2010 gives you step by step simplistic approach to learning. Easily organize and write your documents more efficiently and design impressive formatting of content. Learn how to work with customize themes and templates, format content and illustrations and make them come alive visually. Start a new business, take advantage of invoices, forms, flyers, letterhead, timesheet, budgets, contracts, brochures and utilization of other power packed built-in templates. Soar into your destiny and take your Word skills higher. This book is packed with lots of screenshots and tips to meet you at the level of your experience. You can learn unlimited possibilities with Easy Steps to Word 2010.

ISBN: 978-0989882095 | 226 pages | Click here to return to bookstore