Economic Full-Color Book Publishing Package

full color self publishing package

One-Time Fee of $1599

What’s Included in the Economic Full-Color Book Publishing Package?

  • Paperback Format
  • Custom Cover Design – Your book (trim sizes displayed at the bottom of this page) will be given a full-color custom cover design.
  • Full-Color Interior (Custom Design) – We’ll handle all the formatting to ensure that your paperback prints properly in color.
  • Ongoing Mentoring from a Bestselling Author – Bestselling author J.J. Hebert will be your mentor throughout the publishing process and beyond.
  • Back Cover Copy Polish – A professional will polish your back cover copy to make it even more attention-grabbing.
  • ISBN Assignment – We’ll supply you with a unique 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and then assign it to your book. Why is an ISBN important? Most bookstores and retailers will reject a title that lacks an ISBN.
  • Barcode – The 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is encoded in the barcode, which is required by most bookstores. A barcode is positioned on the back of each book, enabling bookstores to quickly scan your book into their system and ultimately track inventory.
  • Library of Congress Control Number & U.S. Copyright Notice
  • Global Distribution – Your book will be sold through major online booksellers such as, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, Books-A-Million, and many international sites as well. Your book will be available in the following markets: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, and Australia. We also provide distribution with Baker & Taylor and Ingram.
  • Author Sets Retail Price – Unlike most of our competitors, we give you the option to set the retail price for your book, based on length, comparable works, and format. This way you won’t be stuck trying to sell a high-priced paperback at, for instance. And, Of course, you can buy discounted copies of your own book and sell them yourself for less than the retail price.
  • Fast Book Printing – Books ship 2-4 business days after receipt and acceptance of the order.
  • Complimentary Proof Copies – We’ll send you the electronic proofs (i.e. eproofs) — usually a JPG for the cover design and a PDF for interior pages. Once you approve those eproofs, we’ll mail you a paperback proof copy for final approval.
  • Online bookstore page for your book – Your book will get its own webpage in our online bookstore.
  • Advertising via the MindStir Media Twitter & Facebook accounts – We’ll advertise your book via our Twitter and Facebook accounts, which reach over 25,000 fans/followers combined (as of 12/1/12)!
  • One-on-one Author Support – Questions, concerns, and comments—these will be handled by a representative assigned to you.
  • Book Discount Program – You’ve probably looked around at some of the different prices for full-color book printing and noticed full-color printing seems cost-prohibitive. Our competitors will charge you $14 – $45 per copy for a full-color 6×9″ paperback consisting of 200 pages. With our NEW Economic Full-Color Book Publishing option we’re able to offer full-color book printing for much less! A 200-page 6×9″ paperback with a color cover and color interior will only cost you $8.90 per copy through MindStir Media’s Book Discount Program!
  • Non-exclusive Contract – You retain all rights to your manuscript.
  • No Hidden Fees – The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees!
  • 50% royalty on net sales – This means you’ll get 50% of the profits for each copy sold through our distribution network, i.e.,, etc.

Interested in this self-publishing package?

Available self-publishing trim sizes:

5 x 8″
5.06 x 7.81″
5.25 x 8″
5.5 x 8.5″
5.83 x 8.27″
6 x 9″
6.14 x 9.21″
6.69 x 9.61″
7 x 10″
7.44 x 9.69″
7.5 x 9.25″
8 x 10″
8.25 x 11″
8.268 x 11.693″
8.5 x 8.5″
8.5 x 11″