Edit A Book

Don’t try to edit a book yourself! We have professional editors here to help!

All the big name authors have their books edited by professionals. They may perform some self-editing during the revision process, but they’ll always (eventually) hand their work off to pro editors for a final polish before going to print. You and your book should get the same treatment! Here at MindStir Media, we have a roster of highly talented professional book editors…

Book Editing At A Glance

Editing/publishing packages starting at $3,199

  • While our editors edit a book, they use track changes in Microsoft Word to show the author all the changes made.
  • Our editors also insert comments in order to communicate with the author directly, offering feedback and/or asking questions.
  • The turnaround time to edit a book is normally around 30 days.

We currently offer several editing/publishing packages. The Gold, Diamond, and Platinum packages are ideal to help you edit a book and get it published as a paperback/ebook. If you have your heart set on seeing your book in the hardcover format, our Editor+ package is for you!