From the Ashes by Louisa Koch


CLAIRE SHEPHERD HAS ONE GOAL for her senior year: to keep herself off of Kyla’s radar, the girl who has bullied her all through high school. She and her best and pretty much only friend Gary plan to keep their heads down, keep quiet, and avoid attention so they can get through their last year of high school in peace. Then enters Luke Davis, a nineteen-year-old transfer student who quickly catches everyone’s attention. Not only is Luke probably the most gorgeous guy Claire has ever seen, he does something that no one has ever done for her before: stands up for her. Claire’s plan to avoid attention quickly derails as she starts spending more time and getting closer to Luke. Luke seems to have it all: he’s good-looking, smart, and considerate. But there is something that he is hiding, some burden of guilt that he can’t seem to overcome. Will Claire be able to accept Luke’s past? Can love and forgiveness overcome regret and grief?

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ISBN: 978-0996729499 | 238 pages | Click here to return to bookstore