Getting Into Leadership Shape: With 15 Exercises to Strengthen Your Character and Competence by Janet McCracken and Ed Beard


If you are serious about wanting to get into leadership shape, then you will need to exercise. This book will give your leadership a workout, retrain your leadership muscles, and improve your leadership cardio. Developing the eight leadership competencies in this book will get you into shape as a leader, and when you commit to the exercises at the end of each chapter, you will not only get into leadership shape, you will stay there… In sports, no one would argue that some sports enthusiasts are naturally more athletic than others. In leadership, some of us are more naturally gifted leaders than others, but anyone who exercises leadership will end up a better leader than had he or she not exercised at all… What is your reason for getting into leadership shape? To gain a promotion? Or have you been placed in management and need to develop the skills to excel? Do you want to learn how to be an accomplished leader because your non-profit organization’s cause is important to society? Or is it simply that you have a life value of self-improvement and want the personal satisfaction of challenging yourself? Whatever your reason for wanting to be a better leader, when you exercise your leadership abilities you will improve.

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