Global Environmental Awareness on Climate Change: Forest Protection – Wildfire Science Manual: Volume 1: Part 1 by Dr. Andreas Tertey Gboloo


Intensive facts & recent findings detailed in the “550” point by point reference manual Volume I Part I

On Climate Change Awareness

• Desert Restoration Examples: Key to fighting Climate Change, showcased from: Israel, United Arab Emirates and Sahara deserts

• Introduction to Forest Protection Strategies & Tactics

• Introduction to Wildfi re Management Science

• Tackling World’s Shrinking Forests: How to manage & sustain them?

Thirty-Eight of the 233 countries of the globe listed control and 85% of global forests.

Includes a Climate change fighting formula:

{ 400 billion mtC. \< 429.18 mtCstore + x mtCstore} from each country

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A-560-Unique & Extensive Index of wildfire histories, Climate Change Awareness, forest policies and agencies in all countries of the world with significant forest lands and significant forest wildfire issues in context.

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