Google Ads – 60 Days

This extraordinary service advertises your book to targeted audiences on the Google Display Network, which includes millions of affiliated websites. We will custom craft your ads campaign specifically for your book. Here’s what this service includes:

  • Keyword and demographics research and selections: We will research and select keywords and other demographics in order to target your ideal readers. In other words, if your book is about dogs, we will target users on the Internet who have shown an interest in dogs and serve the ads to them.
  • Ads creation: We will create three ads for your campaign. These ads will include two graphic/image ads as well as a text ad.
  • Ongoing ads campaign management for 60 days: We will keep a close eye on your campaign during the 60-day period — and make changes as needed — to ensure that it reaches maximum potential.
  • Ads placement for 60 days: Your three ads will be served on websites in the display network for 60 days. When targeted people click the ads, they will be directed to a page in the MindStir Media bookstore where they can purchase your book.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to send MindStir president J.J. Hebert a message or schedule a phone appointment with him. For now, this Google advertising service is offered exclusively via our Emerald self-publishing package.