Gotta Live by Ian Howard

ian howard gotta livePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

Twice stricken with cancer and the deadly brain disease encephalitis, Ian Howard faced nearly insurmountable odds during a painful struggle for life. Facing an illness that ravages its victims until death is a blessed relief, he searched for cures that were said to be impossible. In the murmured undertones of numerous hospital corridors, physicians quietly whispered of his death – their voices muffled in the fatal reverence of certainty.

But Ian Howard said, “No, I’ve Gotta Live!” and this is his personal story of that triumph. Ian beat the odds, and you’ll cheer him on in this reliving of his ironclad determination to survive through exercise, nutrition and most importantly – positive attitude.

A true champion, Ian Howard turns adversity into advantage and almost certain defeat into victory. He has led a fulfilling life as a successful actor, model, writer, professional wrestling manager, fitness consultant to the elite, and entrepreneur.

In this personal account that is sure to entertain, enlighten and put a smile on your face, you will learn how and why Ian Howard never, never, never gives up. By the end of this amazing story you’ll feel the same.

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