He Is The Prince of Peace by Tamara Sanguinetti


There are so many people hurting in this world, in the church and outside of the church. We have all been through pain and hurt in our lives. One thing is certain we don’t have to live in that and stay in that pain. Many of us live defeated lives and a life of very little joy or peace. We are searching everywhere in life for peace, except at the feet of the Prince of Peace. God did not intend for us to live in misery. He wants to restore us and heal us. I share with you because I suffered too long in not knowing the truth and in depression in the church and outside of the church. God has so much more planned for you in your life. He wants to help you with that inner battle that continues to consume you, all the while pretending to be okay on the outside but hurting so much on the inside. The Lord cares for you and about your problems personally and individually. You are very valuable, and loved by the Lord. He wants to be so real in your life. He wants you to have a good relationship with him, others and yourself. He wants to give you life here with peace and joy as well as eternal life. I pray that you come to the feet of the Prince of Peace and receive all that he has for you. He wants to restore that which was lost and heal your broken heart, your emotions, and your spirit man. Come, to the Prince of Peace and search no more. He is all that you have been searching for and so much more. Come!

Christian/Inspirational | ISBN: 978-0988959590 | 94 pages | Click here to return to bookstore