I Married a Dead Many by Sharon Jargba and Anthony Robson


The book titled above is a story of a women who learned that money can’t buy you happiness. You know some times you find love in the strangest places. I met a man by the name of peter who was brutally murdered and his inheritance was inherited to the person involving in his death. The person name Sharon in the book was a housekeep at a very popular hotel and a man name peter was the man of her dreams. However, when you read this book you will experience many real life events such as the way my children get on my very last nerve and how my eldest son’s thing that they can out think their mother. Anyhow, let me tell you about the book in more detail. Imagine dating the man of your dream, who wanted you to have everything that he could offer, but all you wanted was his love. One day I was at my sister’s home and noticed a news broadcast of a large sum of money that floated out of a bank where I reside, and a short time later, I found over five million dollars in my bath tub. Another incident was someone left me a five thousand dollar tip at my job and believe me money will make one happy, but for how long.

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