Karra Ann: Many New Beginnings by Edna C Hunter


Karra Ann’s mother sends her to live with her paternal grandmother in Austin, Texas. Her grandmother embraces her and is instrumental in her spiritual growth as Karra Ann struggles with her new surroundings and missing her mother. After being told by her mother all her life that there is no God, she is now told that, “Yes, Karra Ann, there is a God.” This young girl is embraced by many and soon learns to trust in those around her. She slowly begins to accept the teachings of her grandmother and cautiously begins conquering her personal struggle with praying and believing in a God she cannot see. She begins to receive and believe in the power of prayer and witnesses just how good God is. A grandmother’s “faith unwavering,” a mother’s “faith restored,” and Karra Ann’s “beginning new faith” is witnessed in this story that is heartwarming and inspiring.

Christian/Inspirational Fiction | ISBN: 978-0988640955 | 244 pages | Click here to return to bookstore