Life Journey of Four Children by Stella C. Louros

Life Story of Four ChildrenPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

It’s 1948, civil war in Greece was about to turn the world of one family upside down! This is the story about that family and the life-changing events that take place in their life. Civil war in Greece caused the parents of the four children to make a major decision, which brings them to a sudden and a fast separation between themselves and their children. They made the decision to send their children to America alone…without their parents, due to the current American immigration laws that were in effect at this time in Greece. Their life evolves from Greece to America and the love they develop for both countries, as they struggle to deal with the occurrences that were about to take place in their life. The four children have to deal with many challenges while moving toward adjusting and learning how to survive without their parents in their new beloved country, America. Now they had come to the wonderful country that their parents had so often described to them with much love during their young years growing up in Greece.


Memoir | ISBN:  978-0989474832 | 136 pages | Click here to return to bookstore