The Backwards K by J. J. Hebert


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“J.J. Hebert’s inspirational sports-themed novel, The Backwards K, follows the efforts of aging baseball great, Jet Brine, as he tries to get past [the] awful defining moment of his baseball career and reclaim his life. Hebert’s story examines the concepts of forgiving oneself for the past and finding the courage to start fresh and new… The Backwards K is an uplifting and inspiring tale that is most highly recommended.”  –Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars)

The Backwards K was an excellent read which I found wholly entertaining and enjoyable. Author J.J. Hebert is a well-honed storyteller, who did a superb job of creating a narrative that instantly draws the reader into the emotion-ridden world of Jet Brine. This narrative proved to be an engaging, evocative, insightful and inspirational read … Will draw a tear, as well as make you cheer. I enthusiastically recommend this book as it is well worth the read.”  –Pacific Book Review (Starred Review)


Baseball was the only thing Jet Brine was ever good at. Well, baseball and slot machines. Except when his moment came, bottom of the ninth, game seven of the World Series, Jet struck out without swinging.

Now, years later, he’s stuck in a cubicle, haunted by the ghosts of a marriage cut short, and dragging around the remains of his baseball career in a beat-up duffle bag.

Then he meets Linda and it seems things might be turning around at last. But old habits die hard and old fears fuel new failures. After a string of tough losses, a solemn promise may be the only thing that can convince Jet to step up and swing away one more time.

The Backwards K is the latest inspirational novel from bestselling author J.J. Hebert. Featuring relatable characters facing heartfelt struggles, The Backwards K is for anyone who believes winning begins with having the courage to take a swing.


Inspirational Fiction / Baseball | ISBN: 978-0999387245 | 226 pages, Mass Market Paperback | Published October 2017 | Click here to return to bookstore