The Heart of a Christmas Tree by Tammi Adair


A long time ago there lived a missionary family in Estonia. They used to go throughout the small villages and share the Good News. The Estonians had many traditions, but Kristjan, Anu, and their daughter Alanna realized that the village did not have a tradition for Christmas. What tradition could the Sarr family come up with to help share the good news of Christ’s birth and the eternal gift of God through His son? Then one day while Alanna and her father were walking in the forest, she looked up to a beautiful spruce tree and there was the answer. Could it really be this special tree that could bring the Good News? How could the Sarr family actually convey the story of Christ’s birth and love to the world through a tree?

Children’s Picture Book – hardcover & paperback | 32 pages | Click here to return to bookstore