The Paradox of Pain by L.A. Kendrick


As the prophecy was foretold, the fall of a hero, the blood of an innocent, two books of the dead, and the fall of a god. These are the ingredients that are needed to rule this universe, but there was a fail safe put in place long ago to prevent such an act. “The Syndicate of Sin,” was the last of the insane groups stopped by Relick and Warcast before they could gather these much needed things. Or so they thought, hiding in the shadows and dark places of the world grew whispers of Osiris putting together a team that would succeed where others had failed. Despite the warnings from Anubis, that a great and powerful force would emerge when a planet where gods once ruled stepped out of the past to reclaim former power. Add to the fact when a civilization lost morals, ethics, and total disregard for its fellow kind. This unstoppable force would manifest and purge all remembrance, knowledge, and space of that timeline out of existence without compromise. All would fall in its path good and evil alike. Will the “Celestial Seven” be able to stop this impending carnage that is to come, or will Osiris’s newly formed “Paradox of Pain” prevail and bring about the ruin of us all? Finally “The Celestial Seven” V.S. “The Paradox of Pain” for the fate of our reality and timeline let the battle begin!

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