The Royal Rose of Alabama: The Gold Crown Pendant Affair by Marian Powell


In London, a crowd gathered to get a glimpse of Princess Elisabeth the Beautiful, Duchess of Kenton, as she rode in her gilded carriage along the parade route. As they threw flowers in her path, they had no idea that their Princess had a very strong will of her own. They loved their regal Queen Candis, but rumors were in the air that before long, they would claim the princess as their beautiful queen. During this same time, across the Atlantic, a part of America was celebrating Cotton as their King. However, things were changing fast, and Elisabeth the Beautiful and America the Beautiful would be wrestling with the changes. The Royal Rose of Alabama delves into the minds and decisions that had to be made for both.

Historical Fiction | ISBN: 978-0988959583 | 464 pages | Click here to return to bookstore