Trials and Triumphs: Hope Beyond Circumstances: 40 Life-Changing Testimonies by Faithwriters

Trials and Triumphs published by MINDSTIR Christian Book PublishersPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

The contributors of Trials and Triumphs invite you to join them on a journey through trials to see the miracle of triumph. How can a person press on despite crippling illness, abusive relationships, the loss of a child, or even the confusion of homosexuality? Does God forget us at times, leaving us to muddle through life in a confusion of impossible pain? Or is He there, not just watching from afar, but guiding and supporting us right in the middle of the mess? Each story within these covers is one of a real person facing everyday challenges. In the “Coming to Faith” section, there are stories about discovering the need for a personal Savior. In the “Faith Under Fire” section, you will discover how God helped people through many problems. The honesty in these stories will give you teary eyes and goose bumps. Thanks to the authors of Trials and Triumphs, who have exposed their frailty, the reader will delight in their victories and intimate God-realizing moments. There is hope for the abused, the downtrodden, the confused, and those who suffer physical and emotional pain on a daily basis.

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