Waiting on God’s Promises by Chere Harris

Waiting on God's PromisesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

We have come to the realization that waiting on the manifestation of the promises of God is something that most people would rather avoid but it is very necessary for our growth and development. It is also a vital tool for God to get the glory out of situations that are impossible for us to overcome. Whether we understand or agree with the process or not, we must accept the fact that it is something we all must endure. God does not want us to be anxious for things because being anxious is almost the same as being impatient and neither of these mind sets are acceptable to God. God has made it very clear how He wants us to petition Him for things and what to do while we are waiting for it. God wants us to have a quiet confidence that what we are petitioning Him for is already set aside for us and with prayer, belief and patience we will receive it no matter how long it takes for it to manifest in our lives. Within this book we have come to know this time of waiting as spending time in the waiting zone and although it is not a popular place to be, we must learn how to embrace it opposed to fighting against it. No matter what we are going through we must know in our hearts that God’s ultimate plan for us is to receive the abundant life Jesus died for us to have, but we must be mature and stable enough as Christians to handle it. Unfortunately enduring the waiting zone is our pathway to spiritual development.

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