What’s Up?…Life! (A Reflection in Memories…Anchored in Hope and Thought…) by Thomas J. Snee


This book, while autobiographical in the first part, reflects only a segment of US history when and where the author lived and experienced in his LIFE! Growing up off the shores of an unknown city on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio may reflect the very being of a lot of people with an unknown possibility… This book presents collections of “sayings” gives pause to a life of uncertainty when the country was in turmoil, judgments of self and acceptability might cause the most casual reader to wonder why am I reading this, but to dig in to its reflective writings, be it sayings, a poem, or story. The meaning is sincere, and is truly a reflection… Mr. Snee has always tried to be reflective and put in the ease of moods for any setting. Writing this book of collections of many sorts only proves his desire for those who pick it up to just sit, relax, read and don’t be scared to “encourage” those around you to make that valiant step in LIFE… “What’s Up” is not a passage from a culturally based saying of the times, but a real question in one’s own life to ask the very essence of, what is around the corner. Take the flooding in the book from a skeptical sea of turmoil, and drain all that energy into something that can be both refreshing, a boost, and yes keep one’s head “above water”. Many people go down to the sea to sit, take in the airs, birds, but to the many who have to sit on porches or balconies not so near the sea, this book makes it better for them to just “take a moment” out of their day. Many only wish they had the “Sea Captain”, “to show them the way”… So as you read, the quotes have no “app” to ownership, use them and “spread your rainbow” to others through encouragement and desire to the total picture of, “What’s REALLY Up….LIFE!” Thank you!

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