While You Were Gone by Rosalie P. Oropesa


“While You Were Gone” tells the story of a woman escaping a miserable marriage and reconciling with her past love. Harriet is a fashion model touring the world before she meets her husband Walter Kennedy, an American businessman. Her career takes a back seat when she gets married to focus on her husband’s affairs. Everything in her life seems perfect until Walter tells her that he does not want to have a child. From then on, their marriage is not the same. To make their situation worse, Harriet discovers Walter’s infidelity. Right then, she decides to go home to her country to clear her mind. Upon her return to the Philippines, Harriet’s native home, she comes face-to-face with the memories of her childhood love, Bernard. She learns from her cousins that Bernard is already married but has no children, like her. Harriet and Bernard meet again, rekindling their past romance. Despite the complications in their relationship, Harriet and Bernard continue their affair. They will be separated again. And this time, fate will decide if they are meant to be together.

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ISBN: 978-0988316270 | 296 pages | Click here to return to bookstore