World Forgive Me by D.A. Cogdell


As I looked around at the condition of the world in which we live I was struck by the enormity of all the divisions that separate us and have kept us from reaching any kind of a meaningful relationship. We are all uniquely unique in many ways but there is so much more that we all have in common and all of this can be used to bring us together. As I watched all the talking heads on television or heard the pundits on talk radio or walked down the aisle of any bookstore it became quite apparent to me that we had become a nation and indeed a world more divided than ever. One side is hammering home their point of view as the other side is doing the same thing. All this is doing is riling up their constituents that believe as they do and is doing nothing good for society as a whole. We have created an US vs. THEM world. As long as our public discourse is done this way there is no hope for this divisive rift to get any better much less healed. It is my hope that every reader of this book will see what we have in common as the barriers of divisiveness are shattered and the fog is lifted so Christianity can be seen in the light that it so much deserves. I believe that this book is practically unique in the marketplace, unfortunately, as it attempts to build a bridge instead of the chasm that currently separates us. Therefore, this book is for every seeking individual out there looking for meaning and purpose in their life and to give them a pure look at Christianity as an option for them as opposed to what they may have seen and experienced. It is also for every professed Christian out there as a wake-up call to authenticity which is so sorely needed.

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