You Are Not Cursed by Gregory King


This book shares the intimate details of the emotional and spiritual challenges Gregory King faced as a young man in the Christian faith. Gregory firmly believes that there are many misperceptions and stereotypes that reinforce an exclusionary Christian belief system that rejects those who are different and regards them as CURSED. He specifically challenges many “so-called” Christians to re-evaluate how they “choose” to treat those with a different sexual orientation within the church congregation. Gregory believes that these flawed beliefs are divisive and create an environment of judgment, condemnation, and self-destruction which completely contradicts the teachings of Jesus. Gregory explains how he overcame these erroneous beliefs and provides tools to equip those who face similar challenges! At one time, Gregory’s limited understanding of God’s love resulted in his contemplation of suicide. While he obviously never succeeded at taking his own life, God’s greater plan for him is evidenced in his powerful, spiritual, and insightful writings. “YOU ARE NOT CURSED” is a compilation of spiritual, philosophical and religious antidotes for those who face persistent discrimination and rejection from family, church, and society! He speaks to the alienated, forgotten, and rejected who only seek love, acceptance, guidance, and spiritual fulfillment. With this book, he gives hope, inspiration, and instruction to those who are often regarded as “cursed” in a society that is dominated by religious dogma and bigotry. Gregory reiterates that it is not Christianity that is on trial here, but rather the understanding, interpretation and application of it in our daily lives! He asserts that Jesus taught us to love our neighbors, but we don’t! Gregory believes that it is bigotry, fear, hatred, and ignorance that is destructive and stands in the way of our spiritual growth and prosperity! He firmly believes that the church should not reject and condemn those who are perceived as different, but embrace, love and accept them as unique expressions of God’s love!

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